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16 juillet 2014 3 16 /07 /juillet /2014 14:26

To all my visitors, please update in your "Favorites", you can now find me on :




The "Ham Radio Only..." blog continues there... ;)


Chris F8DZY.

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16 juillet 2014 3 16 /07 /juillet /2014 14:17

Hi all,

Recently the Overblog platform completely changed : impossible to add more than 1 image, no more possibility to update the "right columns" where I put my stats, etc...

6 years on Overblog with +68500 visitors, including more or less forced publicity (by the way I could never get any € on anything *lol*), and from one day to the next, all is changed and no possibility to come back to the previous platform which was very correct (for me)... So, M. or Ms "Overblog", I'm sorry but I think you will loose a lot of your bloggers, starting with me !

Chris F8DZY.

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4 juillet 2014 5 04 /07 /juillet /2014 09:50

Hi, another new one on the Magic band today thanks to 5B/RN3QO !! ;)

This is my 84th DXCC on 6M...


Chris F8DZY.

5B/RN3QO Cyprus worked on 6M CW !
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1 juillet 2014 2 01 /07 /juillet /2014 12:40

Hi all,

Finally a new one this season on 6M !!! :D

D44TS Cape Verde coming here not too strong (445) but as no pile-up, one call was enough to work my 83rd DXCC on the Magic Band !

Who's next ?

Chris F8DZY.

D44TS Cape Verde islands on 6M !
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23 juin 2014 1 23 /06 /juin /2014 11:25

Hi all, time flies and not a lot of things to log right now...

Today I worked RI0F from IOTA AS-062 South Kuril Islands on 15M CW... Two calls in the split and it was OK for my 448th worked IOTA ;)


Chris F8DZY


RI0F IOTA AS-062 in the log !
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14 mars 2014 5 14 /03 /mars /2014 09:02

Hi all, sorry long long time no post !

A lot of job missions + an alternative project (non radio) made me REALLY busy and out of the shack !! 

Fortunately, during this time some directs are still coming in the mailbox !

So far, I received :

- T33A Banaba Island ALL TIME NEW ONE confirmed ! (15M CW, 17M CW, 20M CW + SSB, 30M CW)



- VU7AG Lakshadweep Islands (80M CW, 40M CW, 20M CW, 15M CW + SSB, 12M CW + SSB, 10M RTTY)



- 6Y3M (op. VE3NE Lali) Jamaica now confirmed on 80M CW !



- K9W Wake Island ALL TIME NEW ONE confirmed ! (20M SSB, 17M SSB, 15M CW + SSB, 12M CW + SSB, 10M CW + SSB)



- XR0ZR Juan Fernandez Island ALL TIME NEW ONE confirmed ! (40M CW,  20M CW +SSB, 17M CW, 15M CW + SSB? 12M CW + SSB, 10M CW + SSB)



in the same time, I never had the time to write an article on, but I also worked FT5ZM Amsterdam & St Paul Islands for another ALL TIME NEW ONE by 13 QSOs...



Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba

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28 janvier 2014 2 28 /01 /janvier /2014 13:43

Hi, good week-end with the REF CW Contest !

Always a big fun to chase all French Departments & DOM-TOM on all bands + being called when on "run" !

Here's my submitted score... As I tweeted it : "I did my best !"



Detailed multis by band :

- 80M :



- 40M :



- 20M :



- 15M :



- 10M :



Again great moments... being called by FG & FK on 40M when running is always pleasant !

A special thanks to FK8IK who called me on 40M, 20M, 15M & 10M ! FB

Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba

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24 janvier 2014 5 24 /01 /janvier /2014 16:12

Don't forget, tomorrow is the CW part of the "Coupe du REF" !

I will take part as in 2012 as mono-op from my QTH. Look for me on 80M, 40M, 20M, 15M & 10M...

Here : all is ready. Hope some nice propagation with FK, FO, FG,FM, FY & good short skips with other french departments...

Everybody is welcome, enjoy !


Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba

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14 janvier 2014 2 14 /01 /janvier /2014 15:24

Hi, 2 months without going to my Bureau QSL manager, some good ones were waiting for me !

Too long to list, so a photo will do more... Many new slots, especially on low bands, and some very old QSOs finally confirmed, as for an example ES7NY/2 EU-149 QSO of July 16th, 2004...





























Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba

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13 janvier 2014 1 13 /01 /janvier /2014 14:45

Hi, great 2014 beginning here : I just put up the antennas again today, and I was glad to listen to Carl ZS8C from Prince Edward & Marion Island on 15M SSB with a correct 5/6 report !!

Listening up 5 to 10, I got him after 5 tries, through the Eastern EU pile-up...

This is an ALL TIME NEW ONE for me, my 308th worked DXCC & my 446th worked IOTA !



Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba

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